Millennials and Mobile Marketing

A report recently released by Mobile Commerce Daily suggests that the segment of consumers known as “millennials” are the most likely group to engage with brands through mobile devices and smartphones. This group is the most susceptible to mobile marketing and companies are trying to figure out the best ways to appeal to them.

The main problem marketers are facing is how to connect with a mass audience through traditional marketing and advertising forums.

They are finding that they are pressed to “get with the times” and go the mobile marketing route, through apps, mobile optimized websites, and more.

According to Erich Joamchimsthaler, who is CEO of Vivaldi Partners Group, “marketers who are not prepared to make the necessary adjustments to meet [the needs of the millennials] will suffer.”

Joamchimsthaler advises that Facebook won’t be the main forum, however. Instead, it will be more about branded apps and other, more engaging mobile brands. It will be up to the business how they choose to engage their customers, how they go about it, what they are willing to offer, etc. He advises that businesses should target their audience carefully, realizing that no one consumer segment is like another.


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