The Winning Combination ...

Mobile, Mail and Marketing

Once your app is live, you need to drive customers to download the app and start using it. Direct mail is the key to rapid app deployment, awareness and implementation. The more people that are using your app, the more powerful it will become. The value proposition is in the app content being relative and that it is providing timely information in order to keep your customers engaged. Not only does MoJo build applications, they also show you how to make your app a successful marketing tool.

Is Your Content Mobile?

If your business information is NOT available in mobile format, you are missing out on the most dynamic marketing tool in world commerce. 78% of consumers say that they use mobile content to make their purchasing decisions.

Mobile Will Grow Your Business

The mobile connection to your customers is direct and personal. The mobile devise is fastly becoming the "remote control" that consumers depend on to manage thier lives. Using their phone more than 5 hours per day, your message will become "top of mind" quickly.

The Power of Variable Content

Only 20% of US business owners are familiar with the power of using variable data content in their marketing plans. This simple tool can increase response rates buy up to 30%.

Fortune 500 Companies

Once thought to be only affordable to larger companies, via MojoAppCo, these same mobile marketing features are now affordable for small to medium-size businesses.

Don't Waste Any Time

The mobile platform continues to grow exponentially. The mobile indusrty is the fastest growing industry in US business history. If you are not using mobile marketing, your competition is, or will be very soon. Don't wait.

What's New in Buyer Behavior

Mobile comsumers are now becoming more aware of promotions and special offers that are specifically tailored to them via thier mobile devices. Shoppers are far more likely to scan QR codes and receive coupons via thier phones.

Harness The Power Of Variable Printing

Take A Look At The Perfect Postcard

  • Full Bleed 6 x 11 Size

  • Printed Full-Color Both Sides

  • Personalized Message

  • Addressing From Your List

  • National Address Correction

  • Intelligent Mail Tracking

  • Complementary QR Code

  • Standard Postage Included

  • In The Mail Within 48 Hours

  • 200 Piece Minimum Order

  • Variable Data Content

  • Robust 12 Pt. Stock

  • Mailing Lists Available

  • Design Services

  • Mapping Service

At The Perfect Price of .59 each