With MoJoAppCo, it is now possible to have a custom cross-platform mobile/tablet application for YOUR Business, Non-Profit Organization, Community, or Educational Institution. Once only affordable for larger enterprises, now small to medium-size businesses and organizations can benefit from this powerful marketing tool. Capture new customers and members while retaining existing market share with an app that you manage and can modify WITHOUT any programming experience.

Now with Geo-Fencing and Targeted PUSH Messaging

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Customize Your Notices

Analitics Dashboard

With the dashboard tool, you'll be able to monitor the effectiveness of any feature based on real-time information. Likewise, you can make immediate adjustments accordingly.

Weekly Support Webinars

At no additional cost, weekly interactive webinars are available for initial staff orientation as well as continued education. Private training sessions are also available upon request.

Outstanding Design

The design components that are incorporated into the user-friendly creative console are comprised of the latest developments in user interface response studies.

Edit Your Dynamic Content

One of the most unique aspects about the MojoAppCo platform, is the fact that you can make updates in real-time across all the various types of devices without code writing experience.

Complete Creative Flexibility

Once your application is published, that's only the beginning, from that point forward, you will have complete flexibility in terms of making revisions, adjusting content and creating special offers that you manage.

Geo-Fencing With Targeted Notifications

The most powerful new features of version 4.0 encompasses the ability to create Geo-Fencing notifications for targeted marketing. Notifications are only delivered to specific groups and locations that you determine.



Invest your marketing dollars in a media that your customers use, on avarage, 4 to 5 hours per day. The mobile device that consumers depend on as part of their daily routine. 


Create a 15 feature custom Cross Platform Mobile App for as little as $2,495.